I have always been interested in people who lived outside of the cultural norm. I believe this comes from my background as a child of immigrant parents. Even though I was born in the United States and was fully immersed in American culture, I had another side to in my upbringing of being fully immersed in the Hungarian community here in Pittsburgh. I like many first generation Americans were always made aware of our strong ancestral connection to our country of origin. The first language I ever spoke was Hungarian. I participated in many activities related to the community: Magyar Scouts, Hungarian summer school and the Hungarian Reformed Church. In my youth I spent weekends at Magyar Park, a 150 acre farm bought by large group of Hungarians to keep the community together. I would spend my summers there at our large man made lake called ‘Little Balaton’ named after it’s larger counterpart in Hungary.

The duality of being in two cultures has lead me to develop a keen sense of awareness of my surroundings and why I believe I was drawn to photography as a young teen. I realized then that the camera could be a way to record the world around me.